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Finding positive ways to engage with multicultural youth and families thru sports and mentorship.


Demetrius Dubose Memorial

The foundation was created in honor of our fallen family members who was taken to early, Demetrius Dubose… Big D was a warm individual who enjoyed life to the fullest. Was always willing to give a helping hand to those in need. From Rainier Little League to O’dea High School, to Notre Dame and on to the NFL, Big D prided himself in hard work on and off the field. With a double major in government and politics, he was always working to help his community. This foundation continues to keep his legacy alive….

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Our Visions

“Sports are like life; what you put in, you get in return.”

Jerry Jordan, President, Demetrius DuBose Memorial

“Fitness and exercise is extremely important for all kids. Too much time is being spend on the Internet and watching TV.  It is imperative that we get kids to engage in sports and recreational activities. They have fun, develop skills and learn to work together as a team.  Most importantly, exercise helps fight obesity, lethargy and other major health problems.  ” 

Marvena Kemp, Demetrius DuBose Memorial Event Coordinator

A Team of Volunteers Take Care of Our Athletes

The volunteers who have been helping with this wonderful foundation come from a variety of different organizations and backgrounds. From high school students to community leaders, many have all been willing and able to assist in various ways in order to make sure that each and every participant has a positive experience.

Thanks to Our Excellent Volunteers, We Couldn’t Do This Without You!

  • Jackie Dubose

  • Jerry Jordan

  • Edgar DuBose

    Vice President
  • Keeneth Mitchel

    Program Coordinator
  • Charisse Jordan

  • Marvena Kemp

    Event Coordinator
  • Chantell DuBose

    Volunteer Coordinator


Phone: 1-800-257-2973
Fax: 1-888-587-2911
Email: dubosebigdfootball@yahoo.com


Demetrius DuBose Memorial
140 Lakeside Ave. Ste. A#165
Seattle, Wa 98122

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